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Planet and Moon


Multidimensional Storyteller  

It is said that our life path is inscribed

in us from birth, and that our greatest talent for realising this path

comes from our childhood games.


Sarah spent countless hours in her bedroom, immersed in her Playmobil house, crafting intricate stories. Time seemed to fade away as she brought the little figures to life, finding pure joy in the world she created, for life itself is a story.

Sarah comes from France

and is a writer at heart.


She wrote and published her first book, Élucia's Garden,

which she later adapted into a screenplay.


"Élucia's Garden" resides within the symbolic genre, weaving a narrative with profound dual meanings. This creation has earned two prestigious awards and secured its place in numerous international film script competitions.


Sarah is passionate about symbolism, which speaks directly to the subconscious. She writes it naturally.

It is a powerful tool for touching the hearts

and minds of her audiences.

Her writing explores profound themes such as love and attachment, life and death, soul and spirit, which she expresses

through magical and mysterious stories.


Sarah is the single mother

of a three-year-old boy, Aeden.

Becoming a mum made her want to write for children, so she embarked on her new writing project: Shiny, The Little Star. 


Shiny opens up the imagination and helps to build a positive spirit, as she is the symbol of positive thinking.

Through her travels and encounters,

she helps children to face their fears

and build a rich inner world.


Sarah also wants to help break down the stereotypes we have about

how children should be.


She believes that children are increasingly aware of something that we have forgotten, and wants to help them develop

their inner world and awaken all the talents that lie dormant within them.

To help them understand themselves a little more deeply. To show them that they are not just a body, but also a wonderful soul. 

With her writing, Sarah is helping the children of the Earth to become who they are,

to achieve their heart's desire.

To help create a better world,

it all starts with the children, because they are the future of our planet.

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